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When I tell you I had a two-a-day habit I’m not referring to smoking…

Oh no, I’m talking about my coffee habit. My daily coffees were my own little safe space. A little moment of peace before heading to my hectic job as a graphic designer in the city.

I’d have my first accompany me for my morning commute into the office. Then my second little escape at lunch and you know I always popped by my favourite big chain purveyor of caffeinated beverages for the goods

But then you know what happened? Everything was flipped upside down and all of a sudden me and my husband were both working from home. It was strange even with everything going on - I was starting to love it. I definitely didn’t miss the office politics or the 45-minute commute to and from work. But one thing I did miss was my little coffee breaks…

After a few weeks, instant coffee wasn’t hitting the spot so it was time to upgrade the kitchen set-up and convince my husband we should buy an espresso machine. Now, I had done some prep work in advance. I had done my research. I knew what machine I wanted and to my absolute horror, I also discovered how much I used to spend a month on my 2 coffees a day habit…

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I was almost sick at the thought when I worked out how much I used to spend. I could’ve bought an espresso machine 10 times over for that…

So after dinner, as we were sitting on the couch, I pitched my idea.

Honey, what do you think about buying an espresso machine for the kitchen?

I think that’s a great idea, I’m getting kind of sick of instant coffee in the mornings and I know you’re missing your vanilla lattes by how cranky you are in the morning hahaha

The audacity of this man!!! hahaha.

So after I drew him some bombastic side-eye. We did the only reasonable thing people with adult money would do and spent far too much money on our own machine.

It turns out this man had seen the espresso machine I wanted on my wish list and had been doing some research himself…

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You would think at this point I had everything I wanted…

But something wasn’t quite right…

I knew I needed a little practice to perfect my milk steaming and latte art but the espresso shots I was getting from the machine weren’t doing it for me. I was heartbroken!

We had just spent so much money on this machine. I was buying coffee from the same chain I would get my coffee from like before but, well, it just wasn’t good.

It didn’t matter what I did the coffee kept coming out weak, bland, and well, kinda stale. There was no real cream - y’know that delicious foam you see on top of a good espresso. It was a disaster…

I was speaking to my friend Michelle, a fellow coffee connoisseur, about my coffee woes as we were walking the dogs the next day.

Urghh, I’m so annoyed. We spent so much money on this new espresso machine and the coffee from it is horrible. I’m worried Mike is annoyed at me for buying it

Really? But you’ve got such a nice machine. What coffee beans are you using?

I've just been getting the beans from that big chain I used to like.

Well, that’s your problem right there.

What do you mean?!

Well, do you know how old and stale those beans are by the time they get to you? They’re roasted weeks before they even make it to the supermarket shelves. You need freshly roasted beans if you want to get really nice coffee

Oh wow, I didn't realise they were that old, no wonder I thought they tasted kinda stale. Well, where should I get my beans from instead?

Oh that’s easy - Stirling Coffee. I get their £20 Variety Bundle every single month!!! They send out a selection of 4 absolutely incredible coffees each time. The beans all come from some of the best farms around the world. But most importantly, all their coffee is roasted fresh daily so you get incredible crema on your espresso shots!

Well, that sounds like exactly what I need!

Tell you what. Let’s pop back to mines and you can try some for yourself

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When I tell you I was blown away…

I mean BLOWN AWAY. Michelle made me the most incredible flat white when we got back to her house. The taste was just amazing so full of flavour.

The second I got home I immediately signed up for Stirling Coffee's ‘£20 Variety Bundle’ offer and I haven't looked back since!

Each month they send me 4 absolutely incredible coffees with my 18g basket which makes about 44 amazing cups of coffee. I mean hey that works out to about 45p a cup so I’m saving a fortune these days!!!

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Rated 4.9 / 5 by Thousands of Coffee Lovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fresh is Stirling Coffee?

Well if you ask the kids pretty fresh, but if you’re talking about the coffee we roast and ship orders daily!

How many cups worth of coffee are in a bundle?

Based on an 18g basket each bundle makes around 44 incredible cups of coffee.

Love the idea of the bundle but I won’t drink that much coffee is there another option?

YES! We do a 2 bag subscription if the bundle is too much coffee.

Can I try it without a subscription?

Of Course, simply choose a one-time purchase but if you’d like to save 20% go with the subscription

If I take the £20 Variety Bundle subscription option can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely, you can cancel at any time no commitments (although very few people do cancel it's super popular) 😁

I can buy coffee at the supermarket - what's so great about yours?

Good question! There's a lot of perfectly average coffee's available at supermarkets these days but we're a small independent team focussed on producing something a lot better than average! All our coffees have been graded by the speciality coffee association and score at least 83+/100 meaning they're are far better than average they are GREAT and some of the best around you won't find coffee like this on your supermarket shelves!


“I love the £20 bundles as it gives me a chance to sample different flavours. I've enjoyed all of the blends in this section but my favourite was definitely the Guara Roja so I purchased an extra bag on a £20 weekend offer. A very happy coffee lover!”

- Pauline C. Verified Purchase


“4 bags of high-quality coffee every month for £20 with free postage is a very good subscription deal - Stirling Coffee's choices for the monthly selection have not disappointed.”

Chris B. Verified Purchase


“Discovered Stirling Coffee through the hallowed ground of new coffee exploration that is Instagram. £20 for 800g of single origin beans and free delivery is worth a punt for any coffee enthusiast... Sent the link to my coffee loving dad too who was impressed with the quality and service.
These four South American coffees all have their different merits. Each very nice, Santos (wonderfully nutty) and El Salvador (rounded and sweet) were my favourites, Peru was very mellow (Sunday morning in bed) kind of bean and the Ipanema was a close second to my beloved Columbian beans.
Can't fault the service from Stirling Coffee - fast, free delivery & recyclable packaging are always welcome. Looking forward to sampling the next four for £20 offer for sure. Might buy some more of these in the meantime!”

- David G. Verified Purchase

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Rated 4.9 / 5 by Thousands of Coffee Lovers